First 2018 Mock

by Cowboysfan1993


1. Browns: Sam Darnold QB USC

Kizer has been somewhat impressive for the Browns this preseason, but once again it's preseason. The Browns if Kizer succeeds may not have to draft a QB at all, but if he doesn't, there is no way you can pass on Sam Darnold. Darnold is one of the best QB prospects you can find. He can make all the throws required of an NFL QB and he has very surprising athleticism. The Browns have needs galore, but they are slowly filling them.

2. 49ers: Mike McGlinchey OT Notre Dame

The 49ers are a team devoid of a lot of talent, and while there are some decent options at QB left, they may need to go with an OT instead. As of right now with the way the offensive line is, the young QB will have a short career. McGlinchey is a massive human who excels in run blocking, and while a good pass protector, he tends to struggle against faster players, probably due to his overall height. He can start on the right side until he is ready to take over for Joe Staley.

3. Jets: Josh Allen QB Wyoming

The Jets are arguably the worst team in football. They don't have much talent at all. They do however, need a QB and look to draft one with arguably the highest ceiling. Allen is not ready to start, but his arm strength, size and potential makes him an intriguing piece to add to a very incomplete puzzle.

4. Rams: Connor Williams OT Texas

The Rams could go with another pass rusher or look to add a CB to their ranks. But if they want Goff to succeed, he needs more weapons and a better O line, Todd Gurley as well. Williams may not have the potential of McGlinchey, but right now he may be the better player. Williams overall is excellent, able to be a mauler in the run game which will help Gurley, and a very good pass protector. He may be a little stalkier than most OT and arm length may be an issue, but his arms do not look short. At worst he may have to start on the right side, but would still be an upgrade over just about anyone teh Rams have.

5. Bears: Minkah Fitzpatrick CB Alabama

The Bears front 7 is ideal for most teams, and they do have a young star RB in Howard. I am very dissappointed in their selection of Trubisky, but he may succeed. The Bears simply need more talent, and drafting a WR or O line here would be a reach. They decide to go with Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick is very big at around 6'2" with good speed to match. He excels in man coverage and is very good at grabbing turnovers. He can play both CB and S, so if he struggles at CB, the Bears will have the luxary of at least trying him out at S. They do not have much talent in teh secondary, so adding a piece like Minkah would be valuable overall to their defense.

6. Chargers: Derwin James S FSU

I loved the selection of the O linemen the Chargers made this past draft, and they are slowly building a very good front 7. However, they still have a void at S. Derwin James may just be the next Ramsay, except he's much bigger at 6'3". He has very good speed, and the abilty to play down in the box as a LB and matcup against big slot WR and TE in man coverage.

7. Dolphins: Arden Key DE LSU

The Dolphins are a tricky team to evaluate, because they have some talent in some places, but then seem to need upgrades anyway. They go with Arden Key. They need someone else to get some pressure. Suh is getting older and I am not sure how much longer Wake can play either. Key is an elite pass rusher, that knows how to bend around the CB and get O line off balance with a more than elite first step. However, he is small and lacks weight. He will get pushed around in both the run and passing game without putting on a few extra pounds.

8. Buccaneers: Saquon Barkley RB Penn State

The Buccaneers with the addition of Howard and Jackson in the offseason wil lmake this team a fun one to watch. Now defense obviously needs an upgrade, but providing Winston some added help on offense isn't a bad idea. Enter Barkley. Barkley is a special RB, who dare I say is better than Ezekiel Elliott. He may not be the blocker Elliott is, but his moves both in the open field and fighting through trash is Ladanian Tomlinson like. Except Barkley is both bigger and stronger than teh HOF. He is also a receiver. Good luck trying to stop an offense that could have as many weapons as the Bucs.

9. Lions: Christian Wilkins DT Clemson

The Lions have enough offense minus RB, but they do not have much defense. Ngata will be a FA after next season. Ansah is still good and Robinson is blossoming. Adding another tough inside prescence will only make Ansah that much better. Wilkins excels as a run defender, but he does provide some pass rush. One of the keys to stopping the Dallas offense is getting large DT that play with power on the inside. If you can do that you can affect the pocket easier.

10. Jaguars: Josh Rosen QB UCLA

The Jags are in a tough spot. Their picks just aren't panning out. Fowler and Bortles have both fallen flat. They should look to replace Bortles. Rosen while immature does provide excitement.

11. Bills: Harold Landry DE Boston College

The Bills look like they're tanking with the trades they made, but there isn't a QB here that's really worth it. So they probably will tank for no reason. Landry to me is tied with Key for best pass rusher in this draft, except I think Landry is both bigger and as of right now a better player. Landry has the ability to get so low to the ground and around OT that i purely special to watch. The Bills do need to add a DE that can pressure, and Harold Landry offers that and more. However, he is not ready to be a full time DE, as he simply doesn't do a good enough job anchoring in the run game.

12. Colts: Matt James OT Washington

Martinas Rankin Mississippi The Colts without luck are miserable. They do not have any offense and their defense is bad at best. The Colts need O line help to keep Luck upright. Rankin is a versatile O lineman who has played a lot of games in college. He's a good run blocker and a good pass blocker. Main issue with Rankin is that he may not have a very high ceiling. He's not super special in any area, but sometimes that is ok, and the Colts simply need someone who can come in and do well.

13. Eagles: Derrius Guice RB LSU

The Eagles have other needs outside of RB. But the Eagles are hoping Carson Wentz can improve to the level of what Dak played at last season. One way to do that is to get him help in the running game. Blount is a solid RB, but is older, and hasn't done well outside of the Patriot's organization. Adding a special RB like Guice could go a long way. Guice has both elite speed and power. He is very good balance, able to get low and churn his legs for extra yardage. He displays great open field awareness and movement. He is a good pass protector, but needs help in refining some areas. At least he's more than willing. One negative is that we do not know how good of a pass catcher he is. LSU doesn't throw much especially to their RB. This may be due to a lack of oppurtunity for Guice more so than a lack of ability to catch the ball. As a Cowboys fan, this could be a problem if the Eagles land Guice or Barkley.

14. Saints: Tarvarus McFadden CB Florida State

The Saints have a plethora of issues. They are in trouble with Brees nearing retirement. They have invested a lot into their O line, but need to also focus on defense. Some will wonder why I didn't go pass rusher, and that's because there are very few pass rushers left that are worthy of this spot, instead they go with a top CB. The Saints took Marshon Lattimore last draft, but they could add another even with Delvin Breaux on the roster. McFadden is a tall CB with excellent speed where he can cover press man and play in off coverage as well. He needs to get stronger to use his jams more effectively and also need to improve on tackling. Tackling is an underappreciated quality from CB, but as big as he is, he needs to be more physical.

15. Broncos: Christian Kirk WR Texas A&M

Emmanuel Sanders is on the wrong side of 30 and they could look to create some cap room by cutting him. Kirk is a very well rounded athlete that is capable of taking any ball to the house. He is more physical than his size indicates, and features both excellent hands and route running ability. He is capable of taking short passes and getting up the field in a hurry. Being able to have two blazers who can catch the ball is valuable. Pairing Thomas up with Kirk gives the Broncos something that most teams do not have.

16. Redskins: Luke Falk QB Washington State

The relationship between Cousins and the Redskins is rocky at best. The Redskins should prepare now for his departure and draft a replacement. Falk is arguably the 2nd best QB in this draft when it comes to reading a defense. The QBs taken before him do not read defenses as well. He throws with great accuracy and anticipation which is perfect for the Redskins short passing game. He however, does not possess a strong arm to make down the field throws and is limited in his athletic ability.

17. Giants: Mitch Hyatt OT Clemson

The Giants need help on the O line that is arguably the worst in the NFL. Hyatt is more about technique than power or athletic ability. However, he typically has good hand positioning and quick feet that allow him to be successful. His overall size is a bit concerning when it comes to his weight and bulk. He looks more like a TE than an OT. He will have trouble anchoring against stronger opponents. He also has short arms.

18. Titans: Calvin Ridley WR Alabama

The Titans have a lot of talent, but they still somewhat lack the WR play. They did pickup Decker and drafted Davis, but more weapons for Mariota isn't a bad thing. They get Ridely who is excellent as a slot receiver. He is big enough to make contested catches and fast enough to take passes to the house. He runs with excellent routes that is able to gain separation from even the best CB. He is able to make up for poorly thrown balls with excellent hands. He compares favorably to Amari Cooper except with more speed.

19. Raiders: Vita Vea DT Washington

The Raiders have just about everything they need on offense, but they still lack some players on defense. They could stand to get better up front. Mack is obviously a monster and Irvin is a good player as well, but it would make their jobs much easier if they had a mammoth inside to occupy blocks. Vea is a massive human being with crazy strength that allows him to collpase the pocket even when being double teamed. He is capable of working down the O line and shedding blocks. He can also play as a RDE or LDE in situations in the Raiders scheme. He will be a force in the run game. He won't be an elite pass rusher, but shows ability in that area to get pressure on the QB. He doesn't need to come off the field often, because he has elite stamina and his ability to pressure the QB will allow him to stay on the field on 3rd downs.

20. Cardinals: Marvin Zanders QB Missouri

Mason Rudolph Oklahoma St. The Cardinals need to prepare for the future at the QB position. Carson Palmer is a decent QB, who is getting older. Mason Rudolph has elite arm strength and good accuracy. He also possesses prototypical size at 6'5". He doesn't read the field much and this is probably due to the fact that the offense he plays in doesn't require him to. He does not make reads presnap, and has below average hand size. This can be a problem in cold and wet weather.

21. Bengals: Courtland Sutton WR Southern Methodist

The Bengals have some needs on defense, but Sutton might be too good to pass up here. Don't let the school fool you. Sutton performs. he's a huge receiver about 6'4" maybe even 6'5", that has good body control and strong hands, with the ability to go up and snatch the ball with his hands. He is a bit raw though. His route running is less than ideal and he doesn't have long speed. He's more of an athlete than a technician at the moment. But playign him across from Green gives the Bengals 3 targets who are 6'4" or taller. This is a matchup problem for CB across the league.

22. Browns: Brady Wright DE Rice

Bradley Chubb DE NC State The Browns are slowly building a strong team that may be about 2 years away at the moment, but they add another DE to their roster. The Browns do have Garrett, Ogbah and Nassib. Ogbah and Garrett will man the oustide spots with Nassib as a nickel rusher or even DE. Chubb is also a DE who can play the 3-4 as well. Chubb is equally as good as defending the run as he is rushing the passer. Chubb is chiseled out of granite, possessing a strong frame. He is quicker than his size indicates and is able to use it effectively to jump the snap and put pressure on the QB. You add Chubb to an already strong front 7 on paper, it becomes a problem.

23. Vikings: Lamar Jackson QB Louisville

The Vikings should know by now that Sam Bradford isn't the answer. Teddy Bridgewater was a solid QB, but not special and his play should not prevent the Vikings from trying to improve. Jackson isn't a true QB yet, but his athletic ability and arm strength are elite. He needs to learn how to make reads and be more accurate with the ball. While he has height, he lacks bulk, and can lead to injuries. If the Vikings can mold him into a true QB who scrambles, the Vikings will have a dangerous offense with Cook out there.

24. Panthers: Josh Sweat DE Florida State

The Panthers struggled in multiple spots last season. The O line, pass rush, and secondary were all weaknesses for them. They decide to add to their D line. Sweat as of right now is more so a run defender, with the vast potential of developing into a good pass rusher. He has a good first step, but isn't very disciplined and he needs to learn both pass rush moves and counter moves.

25. Packers: DaShawn Hand DE Alabama

The Packers could use defense and they add a very versatile defender that can play OLB on certain downs as well as both end spots. He has elite strength and pop when he engages. He needs to be more conistent in his first step though. He is more so a good run stopper than a pass rusher. He tends to use a bull rush more than anything which won't work as often in the NFL. He can come in right away as a run stopper, but as a pass rusher he needs development.

26. Bills: Deon Cain WR Clemson

The Bills I feel are tanking. They got rid of their best WR. They do need to add another though. Cain is a deep threat speed WR who has solid size. He makes adjusting catches, but is limited in terms of route running. He also doesn't use his size to his advantage as often as he needs to. He is also has good blocking skills, which can help with the Bills run game.

27. Cowboys: Cameron Smith ILB Southern California

The Cowboys have a few issues at LB. Sean Lee while an excellent players, gets hurt and is on the wrong side of 30. When healthy he's one of if not the top LB in the NFL. Anthony Hitchens has been an iron man. Not missing games and playing fairly well when called upon, but isn't truly a special player, and his contract is coming to a close very soon. He may or may not be resigned, and if not the Cowboys are left with a void at the LB position and lose a lot of depth with it. Jaylon Smith is an exciting player, but in his first preseason game, I still feel he has a very long way to go. There is a chance he may never be a special player. And finally the Cowboys potential starter Damian Wilson was arrested for a weapons charge. At some point the Cowboys need to start cutting players who put themselves in bad positions. Dallas cannot afford to have suspensions every season. Cameron Smith is a player that compares favorably to Sean Lee. He's a good sized LB who is capable of doing it all in coverage, run support, and as a blitzer. He is an incredibly smart LB weaving in and out of traffic and getting to the ball carrier. He also features quality athleticism. At this spot the Cowboys are getting a starting LB that can fill the needs going into next season.

28. Falcons: Quenton Nelson OG Notre Dame

The Falcons are building a team that can last throughout the remainder of Ryan's career. They could use some defense, but why would you waste a pick on a lesser player, when you can get arguably the best OG prospect in years and that includes Cowboys OG Zack Martin. Nelson is a large man at 6'4" 330 lbs. who has great strength and quickness. He has good hand placement and isn't content as a run blocker to just get in the way. he likes to maul people and is capable of getting to the next level. He rarely messes up an assignment either. He has a nasty demeanor on the field.

29. Ravens: Micky Crum TE Louisville

Mike Gesicki TE Penn State The Ravens need help in a lot of areas, and they could use a TE as well. Gesicki is very raw as a blocker, but has great size and features elite abilities as a receiver. he can get down the field and shield defenders from the ball on underneath routes.

30. Steelers: Marcus Epps S Wyoming

Marcus Allen Penn State

31. Seahawks: Tyler Merriweather DE Georgia Tech

Tyquan Lewis Ohio St

32. Patriots: Doug Whitlock DE Bucknell

Duke Ejiofor Wake Forest

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