Trying to Be Dak Friendly

by Cowboysfan1993


1. Cowboys: Christian Kirk WR Texas A&M

Round 1 (Trade Back) The Cowboys need help at WR because they don't have a legit threat right now. Kirk is not the same kind of player as the rest of the receivers on the roster. He's a little short at 5'11, but he has great speed, with return ability. He runs fairly good routes, and is best getting open underneath possessing the accerlation to take it to the house. He's well built, to withstand hits, but isn't very strong, so he won't be breaking many tackles. His hands are solid, not great, and is not a contested ball receiver, but his ability to get open will help Dak tremendously.

2. Cowboys: Will Hernandez OG Tulsa

Round 2 Part of the reason Dallas struggled was because they could not protect Dak Prescott. He was under a lot of pressure this season. While swing tackle is more important in the long run, adding an offensive guard could go a long way. Cooper wasn't a bad fill in for Leary, but Dallas could always do better. Hernandez is a big man who wins with power, but is light on his feet. He knows how to block down field and kickout when needed.

3. Cowboys: Ulysees Gilbert III OLB Akron

Round 2 Uchenna Nwosu USC

4. Cowboys: Jack Kraus TE Arkansas

Round 2 Ian Thomas Indiana

5. Cowboys: Poona Ford DT Texas

Round 3

6. Cowboys: Holton Hill CB Texas

Round 4

7. Cowboys: Shaun Dion Hamilton ILB Alabama

Round 4 (Comp) Shaquem Griffin UCF

8. Cowboys: Darrel Williams RB LSU

Round 4 (Comp) The 1 and 2 spots at RB are settled with Zeke and Smith, but the third spot is up for grabs. Despite being 5'11" 220 lbs. Williams is a very good receiver. He does most of his damage in that role. He can run between the tackles, but makes his money with soft hands, which is something the Cowboys currently don't have on their roster.

9. Cowboys: Brennan Dudziak OT Ohio

Round 5 (Comp) Brett Toth Army This is more of a development and wait and see pick. Toth is fairly athletic and is quite good in pass protection. He does lack strength though. Dallas won't be seeing him any time soon, because he has a military committment, but if he comes back it could be a good thing going forward. He has some starter potential.

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